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NordVPN not protecting local servers

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  • NordVPN not protecting local servers

    I have been communicating for a few weeks with NordVPN saying that inbound connections are not being encrypted to my local TCP server.
    Previous behavior required machines to be connected to the same dedicated server with the same logon creditials to NordVPN.

    NordVPN suggested going back to a previous version which has worked, but pops up a message to update about every 30-minutes.

    NordVPN may be working more like a proxy server than a VPN (at least with inbound connections) in the current version.
    If anyone else is using NordVPN, please test if anyone can connect to your server when server machine is using NordVPN.

    I have sent another request to NordVPN to see if they are working on this or if this will be the new behavior.
    How long is an idea?