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PowerBASIC with Objects, how to start with ?

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  • PowerBASIC with Objects, how to start with ?


    I have never used Objects (OOP, COM, ActiveX, OCX, etc ...); I'm used only to procedural programming.

    Do you know a good book about Object Oriented Programming that could be used with PB9 ?

    To the PB Team: will you publish one or more "QuickStart Tutorials" about Object Oriented Programming with PB9 ?

    Thank you.
    Jean-Pierre LEROY

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    We have hundreds of books on COM here at PowerBASIC and none of them are really that good. The books contradict themselves and each other, each uses different terms or buzz words to describe COM. Bob Zale has taken everything learned from these books and from his own hard work and condensed all this into the help file. The PB help file tries to explain COM as straight forward and Basic like as possible. I would read the entire COM section in the PB help file at and look at the examples of COM already posted in these forums. We will be posting the example source code included with PBWin 9 and PBCC 5 soon and hopefully we will also add some COM and Object programming to the Quick Start tutorials.
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    Steve Rossell
    PowerBASIC Staff


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      I can second that.

      PB and the PB help file is to our knowledge the best anywhere available entry and introduction into the world of COM.

      Far and wide.


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        Hope i can figure out how to use with flexcell.ocx?
        Might be able to get rid of my last 2 VB6 programs.
        Of course, it will take getting my copy of PB9.
        I know Mswinsck.ocx was never needed, but made life easy with VB6.
        The world is full of apathy, but who cares?