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Method Overloading

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  • Richard Angell
    The cited example looks more like a case for OPT (OPTIONAL) parameters which PB METHODs do support. But they do so without some of the naming restrictions the citation mentioned.

    on line manual, se METHOD - END METHOD

    Also see ISMISSING which can test if the parameter is sent or not.

    Bob might explain better if he gets here before FAY ... hopefully he's making sure that if FAY visits Venice Beach all PB and personal interests will be found with the hatches battened down to weather the blow and rain.

    So Overloading as shown, no, but looks like PB has an acceptable way to do accommodate the need

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  • A du Toit
    started a topic Method Overloading

    Method Overloading

    Dear Mr. Bob,

    Would PB9 also support Method Overloading, which is commonly supported by OOP-Lanuages?

    P.S. I can not wait to get my auth code...