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"With / End With" construct missing from PB?

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    and also (on the wish-list) For ... Each ...

    and likely there are several more than re re-cataloged in this thread. Point is tho' we all need to to get a good cinch on 9/5 that is here ... and that is going to take some time to do.
    Rick Angell


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      Point is tho' we all need to to get a good cinch on 9/5 that is here
      Well put.
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        Hard to believe: Two full two pages of, "Gee I wish..." and no one has used the words 'artist' or 'paintbrush' yet.
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          Don't forget the medium you paint on too.. that matters too

          A church ceiling is definately different then a subway car but each can equally be considered art.
          <b>George W. Bleck</b>
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            I have mixed feelings about WITH/END WITH, it can get very difficult to read especially when they are nested and there are long sections of code using COM exe's like word as was given in the original example. As a slow typist I agree the concept is good but I just use CTL C and CTL V then I am always sure what the code is referencing. For me an IDE that that allowed me to keep several pieces of copy that can be very quickly selected would be ideal.