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PowerBASIC COM Browser Usage

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  • Michael Mattias
    Hmm, sounds like what we need is forward referencing for Types and Unions, huh?

    CC5/Win9 added support only for forward referencing of procedures.

    I assume all the NFSs on file requesting forward referencing support remain on 'the list' until the next round, as this is but one small step for man rather than one giant leap for mankind. (Don't forget about equates) .


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  • Steve Rossell
    Hi John,

    You are doing it correctly. The COM Browser reads the User Defined Types in the order they appear in the Type Library. I know it would be nice if the COM Browser put them in the correct order, but this would require a lot of work to determine the correct order with so many UDT's that reference each other. Maybe in the next version? You can always send a request into support for this.

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  • John Thompson
    started a topic PowerBASIC COM Browser Usage

    PowerBASIC COM Browser Usage


    When I create SAPI.INC, I get errors in reference in reference to the TYPE tagSTATSTG. It has variables that are of the Tag__FILETIME type (defined later). When I copy the TYPE Tag__FILETIME and place it _above_ TagSTATSTG, this appears to fix the problem. I have to do this for a _lot_ of TYPEs to get it to compile.

    I start the PowerBASIC COM Browser, find "Microsoft Speech Object Library 5.0" (sapi.dll), double-click on it, then immediately click on "Save As" and save it as SAPI.INC.

    Am I doing something wrong?