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Pb Dll in VB - Early/Late Binding, or PB "Classic"

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  • Pb Dll in VB - Early/Late Binding, or PB "Classic"

    With the advent of PB9 and ability to create a COM Server, and my own "Glutton for punishment" to figure out how to get around an installer, or running regsvr32 from the run commandline and some helpful hints I picked up on with Steve Rossell's VB6 with PB COM Example I was finally able to nail down some key points (could be polished a bit but this is good for demo)

    I posted the code in the source code forum Pb Dll in VB - Early/Late Binding, or PB "Classic" for both PB8 and PB9 users (although only PB9 users can compile the COM Server, but maybe PB8 users can still use the dll for COM Client use????, but I have not checked that part out yet)

    COM Browser is great for use in a PB to PB environment, but I just had to figure out how to use PB in another language (as this is what I have always used PB for, so I do not have to learn intimately, and can instead better my products in one language and have semi-limited knowledge of allllll the other possible languages out there)

    Hopefully this will help others, let me know what you think, and maybe some ideas for improvement.

    (I am off to work on events, and polishing ideas)
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    Even if this works that is not how VB programmers do early binding. Can you show an example how to work with PB events in VB?


    Peter Redei