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Logical steps to find an interface like IShellFolder?

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  • Troy King
    BASIC-friendly book for IShellFolder and other shell interfaces

    At one point years ago this book really helped me work something out. You're probably past the need for it, but something more BASIC-friendly when it comes to the shell interfaces:

    Visual Basic Shell Programming
    by J. P. Hamilton
    O'Reilly Publishing
    ISBN 1-56592-670-6.
    There are copies for cheap on Amazon.

    It's VB6-centric, which is handy because it's so easy to translate class VB to PowerBasic.

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  • José Roca
    No. There is not a typelib for it; only C++ headers.

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  • Edwin Knoppert
    Yes sure

    But at the end, can i generate this interface declaration with the combrowser?

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  • José Roca
    Download the SDK headers and look at ShObjIdl.h.

    IShellFolder Interface

    Exposed by all Shell namespace folder objects, its methods are used to manage folders.

    Interface Information

    Minimum DLL Version shell32.dll version 4.0 or later
    Custom Implementation No
    Inherits from IUnknown
    Header and IDL files shobjidl.h, shobjidl.idl
    Minimum operating systems Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95
    Last edited by José Roca; 4 Dec 2008, 06:13 AM.

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  • Logical steps to find an interface like IShellFolder?

    I have this guid: 000214E6-0000-0000-C000-000000000046

    What would have been my logical steps to get an interface definition for this fella?