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Code Completion of namespaces

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  • Code Completion of namespaces

    After you have created an object, it would be a very nice feature if PB9 could autocomplete or at least suggest properties and methods to use with the object, much the same way that VB6 does.

    For Example...

    At present, after you create the object, you're never really certain if you've done it right until you compile the project. If CodeCompletion would kick in after you type "obj." it would do two things. It would give the programmer confidence that they did it right and it doesn't force you to remember every property and method of each object.

    Just a thought for a future update of PB9....
    Dave Paton

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    .. or for some ambitious "third-party IDE" vendor?

    If the DLL containing the control has a typelib, that should be usable... of course that does not deal with what's actually in the INTERFACE generated by the COM Browser (or user if it's done by hand from some conversion) ... but one might rummage thru the source code and #INCLUDEs looking for and using the INTERFACE definition instead of the TYPELIB.....
    Michael Mattias
    Tal Systems (retired)
    Port Washington WI USA
    [email protected]