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more intelligence for the IDE ?

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  • more intelligence for the IDE ?

    Why not have a keyword color for instance variables and methods/property names within the current class? It would save a lot of scrolling around the place.

    F2 is very useful, but with keyword coloring there would be no need to use it unless the method name was guessed wrongly!

    Even better would be to add a tooltip on the item (instance var/method/property) and show the declaration and any comments on that line.

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    Not directly on point, but the thread title reminded me of something from many years ago.

    We were VARs for Burroughs Corporation; often we quoted existing customers on additional MT983 and MT985 display terminals.

    We had an inside joke that those terminals were perfect for our users... since all the Burroughs' sales literature referred to the MT-series terminals as 'semi-intelligent.'

    Hmmm...maybe that IS on point after all....
    Michael Mattias
    Tal Systems (retired)
    Port Washington WI USA
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