After many delays I have made my bold attempt into the world of objects with this PNG Decoder.

It decodes everything i asked it to. I was only able to test with sample images i maid in GIMP and found on the web.

It has not been speed or space optimized as i normally reserve that until i know most bugs are eliminated.

To get the picture i have CopyToBitmap(hBmp). hBmp can be any 'GRAPHICS' bitmap or window. The source code is located in the 'Forums\Source Code\PNG Decoder v0.1 (Source Code)'

As mentioned in a previous thread i chose to release it under GNU PL v3 to allow anybody to work with the code and fill in the gaps where they need to.

After finishing it I am considering redoing the flow of the program to reduce it's memory footprint consider currently it stores ALL images as 64Bits per pixel. However at 1166 lines in my rare spare time that might take awhile.