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MS Word Insert table (PB9 - Word 2003)

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  • MS Word Insert table (PB9 - Word 2003)

    I am assembling a word document and have come unstuck attempting to insert a table.
    The inc file has worked fine and I believe the problem is with my code. Below is a code snip showing my code along with a commented copy of the method from the inc file. The result is Word fails and wants to report a fault etc etc

    Any pointers much appreciated

    Ian B

    I guess the PB_xx in the method is because there is a potential conflict with a PB item.
    Local oWordTable   As Table
    Local oWordTables  As Tables
    Local oWordRange   As Range
    '  Insert Table
    oWordRange = oWordsel.Range
    oWordTable = oWordTables.Add(oWordRange, 3, 3)
    'ADD <200> (BYVAL PB_Range AS Range, BYVAL NumRows AS LONG, BYVAL NumColumns AS LONG, OPT BYREF IN DefaultTableBehavior As VARIANT, Opt ByRef In AutoFitBehavior As VARIANT) As Table

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    I'm still working with this and as an aid started a small cut of code in PB9/Win IDE (rather than the original Firefly) and this may have shown me my problem , but not the solution.
    The line LOCAL oWordRange AS RANGE brings up the word RANGE coloured blue. This implies that it is not a Word Range I am declaring but rather a KeyWord in PB.. I suspect if I could properly declare a Word Range it would then create the table.
    Again, any suggestions much appreciated.

    Ian B


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      The line LOCAL oWordRange AS RANGE brings up the word RANGE coloured blue. This implies that it is not a Word Range I am declaring but rather a KeyWord in PB..
      Wrong. Range is a secondary keyword for a couple of the ProgressBar statements, but other than becoming blue, it has no other effect in your case.


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        The following is a sample that works.
        The names are different because it uses an include file that was generated by Phoenix.

          LOCAL oWordApp     AS WordApplication   
          LOCAL oWordDoc     AS WordDocument      
          LOCAL oWordSel     AS WordSelection     
          LOCAL oRange       AS WordRange         
          LOCAL oWordTable   AS WordTable         
          LOCAL cRows        AS LONG
          LOCAL cCols        AS LONG
          LOCAL iRow         AS LONG
          LOCAL iCol         AS LONG
          DIM   sTable(10, 10) AS STRING
          ' Open an instance of MS Word
          ' Make MS Word visible in for example normal show state
          oWordApp.Visible = 1
          oWordApp.WindowState = %WDWINDOWSTATENORMAL
          ' Add a document to the "documents collection", and obtain a reference
          ' to the document Interface for the new document
          oWordDoc = oWordApp.Documents.Add
          ' Get the Interface to the currect selection of the document
          oWordSel = oWordApp.Selection
          ' Enter some text into the document at the selection position
          oWordSel.TypeText(UCODE$("Favorite Foods:"))
          ' Create a table with 3 rows and 2 columns.
          oRange = oWordSel.Range
          cRows = 3
          cCols = 2
          oWordTable = oWordDoc.Tables.Add(oRange, cRows, cCols)
          oWordTable.Borders.OutsideLineStyle = %WDLINESTYLEEMBOSS3D
          oWordTable.Borders.InsideLineStyle = %WDLINESTYLESINGLE
          ' Fill in the first row with
          ' column header information
          sTable(1,1) = UCODE$("Food"            )
          sTable(1,2) = UCODE$("Type"            )
          sTable(2,1) = UCODE$("Apple"           )
          sTable(2,2) = UCODE$("Fruit"           )
          sTable(3,1) = UCODE$("Brussell Sprouts")
          sTable(3,2) = UCODE$("Veggie"          )
          FOR iRow = 1 TO cRows  
            FOR iCol = 1 TO cCols  
              oWordTable.Cell(iRow, iCol).Range.Text = sTable(iRow, iCol)
            NEXT iCol
          NEXT iRow
          MSGBOX "All done!"
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        Dominic Mitchell
        Phoenix Visual Designer


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          Thank you for your generous and comprehensive assistance.

          In summary my code line
          oWordTable = oWordTables.Add(oWordRange, 3, 3)
          should read
          oWordTable = oWordDoc.Tables.Add(oWordRange, 3, 3)


          Ian B