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  • Cut/paste source code

    When I cut code using Internet Explorer 5 and paste
    it into my PB/DLL editor it does not format properly.
    When I use Netscape it works fine.
    Anyone know what I need to change?

    While I'm at it. If I edit a message using Internet
    Explorer I have to enter my password. If using
    NetScape, I don't. Is this because of a cookie?

    mailto:[email protected]

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    I noticed that also, so I paste first into MSWord. Then I select all and copy from MSWord and paste that copy into PB/DLL, save it and compile.

    My password appears ok in IE5.



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      Using Win98a\IE5, now, I clicked on the 'Edit Message' hyperlink, right click on the text window and select all, then I copy it to the clipboard.

      I have done this on the five internet-connected PC's that I run, ranging from Win95 to WinNT, IE3 TO IE5, and it works the same on all of them.

      After that its just a case of pasting to the IDE, a piece of pizza

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        When I paste source code it doesn't work. I sometimes get
        a Window that states maximum line length is 256 characters.

        mailto:[email protected]
        The world is full of apathy, but who cares?


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          The two easiest ways to get code from the BBS screen to PB are by using the edit button just above the code you want to copy (it looks like pencil and paper), which Kev mentioned before, or by pasting first into wordpad and then copying from wordpad and pasting into PB (in which case you often lose indenting, but do get the correct CR/LF pairs). All the problems mentioned are because you haven't done one of these two things. Almost everyone had these problems at first, but one of the two methods above will cure you, promise .

          This should probably be in the FAQ it gets asked so often, but I don't think it's there yet.

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            I went by the third way. Look an utility, which I posted today on "Source code" forum.