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Need function similar to _dos_setvect

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  • Thomas Tierney
    Got It For PB DOS
    Dim sDll as string
    Dim sInit as string
    Dim sDispatch as string
    Dim dllptr as word
    Dim initPtr as word
    Dim dispatchPtr as word
    Dim hHandler as dword
    sDll = "DLLNAME.DLL" & chr$(0)
    sInit = "INITROUTINE" & chr$(0)
    sDispatch = "DISPATCHROUTINE" & chr$(0)
    dllPtr = varptr(sDll)
    dllInit = varptr(sInit)
    dllDispatch = varptr(sDispatch)
    ASM push es
    ASM push ds
    ASM pop es
    ASM mov si, dllPtr
    ASM mov di, dllInit
    ASM mov bx, dllDispatch
    '--- this calls the dll from here using special ntvdm opcode ----
    ASM db &H0C4
    ASM db &H0C4
    ASM db &H58
    ASM db &H0
    ASM mov hHandler, AX
    Select case hHandler
            case 0
            case 1 
                  'dll could not be found
            case 2
                  'dispatch could not be found
            case 3 
                  'init could not be found
            case 4
                  'not enough memory
            case else
                  'something blew up
    End select

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  • Thomas Tierney
    How about this, I think I can do it from PDDOS, it may be that the DOS forum is a good place for this but I need to mimic this call, but not sure how to do it
     push    ds              ;Move ds segment
            pop     es              ;  to es
            lea     si,DLLname      ;Point to our desired drivers DLL name
            lea     di,DLLinit      ;Point to the desired Init routine name
            lea     bx,DLLdisp      ;Point to the desired dispatch routine name
                                    ;So now we have       Dispatch in ds:bx
                                    ;                     Init     in es:di
                                    ;  and                DLLname  in ds:si
            db 0C4h,0C4h,58h,0h     ;--Execute NTVDM RegisterModule-----
                                    ;We should have invoked our DLL at this point
            lea     di,Handle       ;Address our handle location
            mov     [di],ax         ;Save the VDD handle sent back to us by NTVDM
            jnc     RgDone          ;Jump if we have a good VDD handle
            mov     ax,0
            mov     [di],ax         ;--ELSE we have a problem - probably no DLL----

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  • Michael Mattias
    Woo. Good Description.

    But I'm afraid this one is WAAAAY beyond my pay grade....

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  • Thomas Tierney
    Under windows.

    Background, when a dos program runs in windows the OS will load a DOS VM called NTVDM. NTVDM will then look to the OS for a registered handler for the Interrupt being called.

    What I need to do is register a handler for &H14 (this is the FOSSIL Interrupt) and set the handler to the procedure that will be handling that interrupt.

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  • Michael Mattias
    Courtesy: Google search
    MSC: void _dos_setvect( unsigned intnum,
    void (interrupt far *handler)() )

    - prototype in dos.h

    - intnum = interrupt vector to set (0..255)
    - handler = new interrupt routine

    - Turbo C uses setvect()
    - see INT 21,25 _dos_getvect()
    If you are creating an MS_DOS program using PB/DOS (not shown), use CALL INTERRUPT for INT 21, whatever function SETS vectors (probably 24 or 26, since the GET is 25).

    If you are creating a Windows program, what are you trying to do?

    Setting interrupt vectors under MS-DOS was done to redirect certain system events such as keystrokes, mouse clicks, file opens, etc etc etc. But under Windows all 'user' actions are sent to your program in the form of notification message, and most of the others can be handled using some of the 'event services' provided.


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  • Thomas Tierney
    started a topic Need function similar to _dos_setvect

    Need function similar to _dos_setvect

    Does anyone know of anything like this? the Dos Libs for Windows come with this function but I would then have to link to the lib file, which means I would have to write this program in C or C++.

    Anyone know of an equivelent?