I've got two audio devices on my computer. The first is my computer speakers, and the second is my Bluetooth headset. Windows XP lets you select which audio device to use as the default audio device for recording and playing sounds. Is there any way to accomplish this via program? The two things, in specific, I'm trying to accomplish are:

- Be able to use SAPI to speak text to one (not both) of the devices (but be able to have my program choose which device).

- Be able to record sound from the headset and have it play out the computer speakers.

Would you think this would only be possible if offered in the set of features itself (e.g., SAPI), or is it possible to say "all requests for sound from here on out use audio device #2!"? I started looking at Audio Mixer Custom Controls, but it looks like it's not what I need (from the first few pages, at least).