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  • Dave Biggs
    Here's another version based on some code once posted by Semen which will bring the already running program to the fore..
    'Function PBMain
    'Mutex check
    Dim WinName As Asciiz * %MAX_PATH
    Dim hMutex As Dword, hForWnd As Dword, hWin As Dword
    WinName = $AppTitle
    hMutex = CreateMutex(ByVal %NULL, 0, WinName)
      If hMutex = %NULL Then Exit Function
      If GetLastError = %ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS Then    'already running!
        hWin = FindWindow (ByVal %Null, WinName)      'find handle of target window
        hForWnd = GetForegroundWindow                 'handle of current foreground window
          'Set own window to the top in Z-order with %HWND_TOP
          SetWindowpos hWin, %HWND_TOP, 0, 0, 0, 0, %SWP_NOMOVE Or %SWP_NOSIZE Or %SWP_SHOWWINDOW
          'Disable current foreground window.
          EnableWindow hForWnd, 0 
          'Redirect focus to next window in Z-order / move to foreground and activate
          SetForegroundWindow hWin                    
          'Re-enable previous foreground window
          EnableWindow hForWnd, 1
        Exit Function
      End If

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  • Gösta H. Lovgren-2

    Here's a Mutex example:
    Function PBMain
         Mutex_Name$ = "Progam_To_Check_if_Running"
           ' GHL Added Mutex code from PB Forum by ???
                'Check to see if program already running
                   Local hmutex&, smutex$ 'just used for testing program existence
                smutex$ = Mutex_Name$   'Program name 
                hmutex& = CreateMutex(ByVal %Null, 0, ByVal StrPtr(smutex$))'check if running
                If hmutex& <> %Null Then 'Program probably already running
                   If GetLastError() = %error_already_exists Then 'Constant defined in WinAPI
                      MsgBox $CrLf & " is already running",, _
                     Exit Function
                  End If 
                End If
    'Rest of code ...
    End Function
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  • Michael Mattias
    There have got to be literally dozens of "previnstance" code snippets here.

    I'd use one which uses a mutex, not one of those which use "FindWindow" but that's probably just a 'panache points' thing....


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  • Roger Garstang
    Local hWnd As Dword
    hWnd= FindWindow(App_ClassName, ByVal %Null)
    If hWnd Then 
          If IsWindowVisible(hWnd)= 0 Then ShowWindow hWnd, %SW_SHOW
          SetForegroundWindow hWnd 
          'End Current Duplicate Instance
          'Continue with this instance
    End If

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  • Rudy Steury
    started a topic End if Previous Instance

    End if Previous Instance

    VB6 has a very convenient way to end a new instance of an application if the application has an instance running.

    The VB code would be : If App.PrevInstance Then End

    I know this could be done with API calls but I am not sure what is the best way to accomplish it in the console and windows powerbasic programs. I think one method would be to detect the window of the running programs or an other way apparantly uses "mutex" API's - which I haven't really investigated enough to understand.

    Right now I need to "end" a couple of console powerbasic programs if they are launched when the programs are already running. If more than one instance of either of these programs runs it will completely corrupt a data base.

    Can anyone point me to the code I need? Or to an explanation of what I need to do to solve the multiple instances problem.


    Rudy Steury