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Controlling behavior of Close Box on caption bar

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  • Controlling behavior of Close Box on caption bar

    I'm using a dialog for multiple purposes. To distinguish them for the user I place an appropriate icon on the caption bar. To do this I must include %WS_SYSMENU in the template and this activates the CLOSE button. I want to disable this button and the CLOSE option in the system menu. All user response is then placed in one CANCEL button in the dialog. How do I get the ID of the close box so that I can disable it?


    John Neubauer

    I may have found the answer in a FAQ.
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    Instead of disabling the button, how about trapping WM_SYSCOMMAND/SC_CLOSE in the callback and then triggering the cancel button code, using either GOTO or by sending BM_CLICK:

             Case %WM_SYSCOMMAND
                 If (wParam And &HFFF0) = %SC_CLOSE Then
                     ' MUST return TRUE to stop the dialog being destroyed...
                     Function = %TRUE
                     ' Call the shutdown code using GOTO...
                     GOTO MyShutDown:
                     ' OR, shutdown using the cancel button...
                     CONTROL SEND CBHNDL, %IDCANCEL, %BM_CLICK, 0, 0
                     Exit Function
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      This will DISABLE the close "X"

      DeleteMenu GetSystemMenu(hWnd,BYVAL 0),%SC_CLOSE,%MF_BYCOMMAND


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        DeleteMenu deletes, not disables.

        EnableMenuItem enables or disables.

        Whic to use depends on your preference: do you want the user to see the familiar System menu, but with "Close" greyed out and not selectable? Or would you prefer to have him see a menu which does not include a greyed-out "Close?"
        Michael Mattias
        Tal Systems (retired)
        Port Washington WI USA
        [email protected]