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    i am not offended
    i am sure the poster has an open mind about things and i wanted to share my experience about losing data and getting some experience the hard way.
    i wanted him not have the same experience as i did.

    i wanted to give him an alternative to archiving software that i feel runs very well and software that would be less critical of low memory, especially if he where in a dos environment, and if he choose to just shell out to compress and uncompress.

    i run software with a large number of files and i personally do not want to choose any software that cannot handle the load today or tomorrow.

    he might of wanted to change the way the software was handling the compression and uncompression in a simpler way if a change way was not going to mess up other programs.

    i did not have solution to his problem, that is true, but i wanted to pass along my experience in dealing with compressed files using a dos environment or dos program.

    p purvis


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      Originally posted by Michael Mattias View Post
      PKWare Inc [was? is?] a hometown company, headquartered in Brown Deer WI, a Milwaukee suburb; MCM

      Still is a company, although the late Phil Katz (PK) was not able to accept the popularity of the program without booze and failing the 12 step program.


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        Katz, Phillip W.
        Age 37. Passed away unexpectedly on Fri., April 14, 2000. Beloved son of Hildegard and beloved brother of Cynthia. Also survived by other relatives and friends. Phil was a graduate of UWM Computer Science Engineering Program. He was the author of the PKZIP/PKUNZIP software and owner of PKWARE Inc. Co. Private services have been held. Memorials to the charity of your choice would be appreciated.
        Source: PKWARE, Inc. Web Site 4/29/00

        There was a news story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about that time detailing the circumstances of Mr. Katz' passing.

        (That there even was a story in the paper should be a clue that the circumstances were, let's say, "unusual").

        In deference to what he did accomplish in his short life, I think it best to just leave the simple obituary.
        Michael Mattias
        Tal Systems (retired)
        Port Washington WI USA
        [email protected]