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Calling all the PB geniuses out there! :)

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    Calling all the PB geniuses out there! :)

    Im trying to implement this in pb:

    More information here:

    And here:

    Basically what i need help with is with using the DES3 encryption correctly,
    as well as correcting the translation to pb.


    Oops! Pardon me, wrong thread.


      Hahahaha! Good one Jules. :P

      I already implemented this in a PBCC app, it works like a charm, so, i guess all the
      geniuses can rest.


        We would not rest as long as the question appeared to be unsolved.

        But since you didn't tell us that it was solved until today, we could not rest until today.

        Not that I believe this happens a whole lot, but I know on weekends I look for anything that has no answer for a week or so and - when possible - I'll try to find something for the poster.

        In this case it would not be possible, since I do not know squat about encryption, but nonetheless I might have referred the original poster to one of the "crypto" web sites we see some members have.

        Bottom line is, when anyone answers their own question I think it would really polite to update or reply to your original post with that info.

        Personally I think whenever that happens the OP owes everyone a demo in the source code forum, to kind of offset any efforts - even fruitless efforts - expended on that Original Poster's behalf. (This I know ain't gonna happen, but I can dream).

        Michael Mattias
        Tal Systems (retired)
        Port Washington WI USA
        [email protected]


          You are right Michael, But, you seem to be assuming i solved the problem way
          before i made that post. The truth is that i posted it as soon as i finished making
          my tests, wich happened to be just when i came to see this thread and i (since i
          was here) replied to Jules post.

          I spent like a week on this, and i got really good pointers in the "Programming the
          internet" forum (Thanx guys! i learned a lot about COM and encryption!). And my
          original wich was to make a post in the Source code Forum. Unfortunately, i ended
          up using MSNP8, instead of MSNP15 protocol, wich i think its outdated and near
          its death.

          If you, Michael, still want to see it in the source code Forum, all you had to do,
          is ask.

          I will Comment the code and post it in the source code Forum, with all respective
          Thanx to the helpers in few minutes.


            Well... I figure since I'm not Italian or German I'll never be Pope, but here I can still pontificate.
            Michael Mattias
            Tal Systems (retired)
            Port Washington WI USA
            [email protected]


              There is a man in the mental house that believes hes the pope.