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Reinstalled windows xp to fix media center

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  • Reinstalled windows xp to fix media center

    Now, trying to find and reinstall all my programs. My question is: Do I have to reinstall PBWIN8.4? and all the updates and patches?

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    Which is the lowest dot Version 8 you have? Do you the serial number?

    If it's 8.00, install that, then 8.01, then 8.02, then 8.03, then 8.04.

    That sounds like a hassle, but PB installs quick and easy.

    I keep the install files, and a dot txt with serial number on two computers and a USB drive. If you don't have the files, or serial number, contact PBsales, they'll look up your registration and give you a password to download the files again. I haven't had to do, but others have posted here who did. As long as you're a registered owner, no problem.

    Re-read your question. Are previously installed PB files still on the hard drive?

    If not, answer is yes.

    If they are, the answer is maybe. Do you know how to make a new link via Windows Explorer, File, New, Shortcut?
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      Thanks Dale,

      I'll email [email protected]