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How to call a PB (DLL) from VBNet (winform proggie)

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  • How to call a PB (DLL) from VBNet (winform proggie)

    Guys, I searched the forums and I find calling a .net assembly but not the other way arround, any info on this (example maybe)
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    Check this for a starting point: - Consuming Unmanaged DLL Functions

    Also, Googlin' for PInvoke will results in many links on the subject.

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      Many thanks Marco,

      This was the link I needed programmers spend more time on searching and reading all the bloat then actually coding a few lines
      To Ask or Not To Ask ?


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        Thanks Marco for the link, it will be something I need to scour over.

        If you go to and click the "Vxm Driver" link, I have many .NET examples using a dll I wrote in PB.

        Don't worry about not having a control to work with, the core code point in this case was to make programming from another language easy for the "non-programmer" / "hobbyist" type. So I made all the functions as "Human Understandable" as I could.

        Might be a nice stepping stone when trying to learn new concepts
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