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Engineering suffix conversion

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  • Michael Mattias
    You might want to ask the webmaster to move your post to the Source Code Forum.

    I know I'm just old-fashioned, but when I am looking for useful source code, I do my "search" in the Source Code Forum.

    Drop an email to [email protected]. If they don't actually do the moving they will forward your request to someone who can.


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  • Cliff Nichols
    From one with a Electro-Mechanical Engineering background (Yep I come in handy of translating "Mechanical needs X lbs of torque" vs "Electrical wants to know how many Amps it takes, at what frequency, what Voltage, etc....")

    Nice idea though....wish I had thought of it sooner and can easily see expansions. Since I have gotten so used to putting the math to paper, fill in the blanks with full values and comment what the units are.

    Maybe something I should look into, and expand on the units

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  • Arie Verheul
    started a topic Engineering suffix conversion

    Engineering suffix conversion

    I was a bit in doubt whether to post this or not. It is actually too simple, but simple things may be charming.

    I am working on a program in the field of electrical engineering, and for electrical engineers the use of suffix notation (values like 22p, 3.3n or 100K) is so common, that it feels almost weird to use something else. So i needed a conversion to and from suffix notation.

    After some work this conversion appeared to be surprisingly simple.
    And in spite of its simplicity, and without any effort from my side, the SuffixInput function accepts equally well regular and scientific notation. So it just extends the input options without causing any inconvenience.

    Well, just in case it is useful to someone, both conversion functions are presented below.

    Arie Verheul

    april 18, 2008

    The code has been moved to the Source code forum.

    Arie Verheul

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