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Walk Registry & Check Path References

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  • Walk Registry & Check Path References

    I used several different programs from the forums to create one program that
    walks through the registry and looks for embedded path references, then checks to see if the path reference is valid. If not, it then checks to see if the path reference is valid for a different drive.

    Here are the options if you run the program as-is:

    It uses white-on-blue for entries in the Registry.

    Valid path references are colored yellow-on-blue.

    Invalid path references are colored yellow-on-red.

    If the file can be found on an alternate drive, it will be colored yellow-on-green.

    The ESC key causes the present HKEY walk to be terminated, and the next
    HKEY scan will immediately begin.

    The TAB key will toggle a pause in the current walk process.

    The Enter key will toggle a suppression of the display of key references that do not contain path statements (the background will change to black in this mode).

    The program will stop whenever a file reference is found to be invalid. You can use other keys to continue the walk process. the information displayed may help you determine what corrective steps to take in resolving some of the problems associated with the Registry.