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    Im not to great at explaining myself, but here we go . . .

    Our units, boot up is about 30 seconds at the moment, and they are running windows 98.

    We want to add a wifi adapter to the units, but with our chosen wifi adapter boot time is doubled.

    Playing around with disabling the wifi adapter in (via the registry or system properties menu) the boot time is restored to 30 secs. I can then Manually go into the system properties enable the wifi adapter and then use the wifi after the unit has booted!

    Im really hoping there is just a API call to say collect the device list and then send some command to Enable it.

    just like Enabling the device by hand.

    I hope this explains the help im after...


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    Microsoft DevCon.exe could have been what you needed
    except it won't work under Windows 98.
    Here is the adress anyway, maybe you can find interesting infos...

    If you can acheive what you want via registry then you may have a look at...
    PowerBASIC and related source code. Please do not post questions or discussions, just source code.

    PowerBASIC and related source code. Please do not post questions or discussions, just source code.

    Discussion here ( 'Code to find hardware info. 'Make use of the setupapi DLL. 'Will find modem port for any modem, PCMCIA, WinModem etc... 'Will find infrared port devices, serial or parallel ...

    and write a program that have to be run at startup and shutdown
    or even simpler by using a .reg file instead of an .exe.


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      What firewall are you using? That is the only thing that would really slow down the WiFi. Mine boots up quick without, then as soon as I put a firewall on it slows down. Usually each new version seems to get quicker, but they still haven't got it down as to no slowdown at all.
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        its a complete minimized system.
        very few 98 files on there. Only the dependencies have been met of the programs running.

        98 has all the files it needs the wifi device and it connects etc fine.

        no firewalls nothing like that.

        Cheers Paul.