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drawing crows feet

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  • drawing crows feet

    I'm doing detail design for an Entity Relationship diagramming application. So far I'm using windows to represent the entities, though I don't rule out the possibility of just drawing all the boxes instead. There are some interesting challenges drawing ERDs and this kind of work is not my strongest point (don't know if I've got one, come to think about it). Just now I am wrestling with the docking of the relationship lines onto the entity boxes, harder when the one-to-many relationship line terminates in a "crow's foot" rather than at a single point on the entity. FWIW I am using a a virtual rectangle of the same shape as the entity box and centered on it, but bigger, to allow the crows foot to be drawn between the two rectangles.

    If anyone has worked with this (I mean drawing, espacially ERDs, not just crow's feet) before and has ideas to share either publicly or via PM I would be very interested to hear.