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SyncList.bas example by Erich Schulman

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  • SyncList.bas example by Erich Schulman


    Nice example Erich. It would be more effective if you included a zipped "channels.tsv" for the example though. (as seen in the image).

    Where do you get the data? I wouild like to play around with something like this myself. We have a TIVO interface for our tv's, and as wonderful as it (when compared to all competitors - cable, satellite, boxes), it would be cool to design my own search interface/lists for shows if I could download weekly data for Cablevision somewhere.

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    I simply went to and brought up my channel list by ZIP code. It's easier to work with the printable version than the webview version. Then I did a copy and paste into Notepad++ where I removed channels I don't pay for and inserted tabs. (If given a choice, I would use TSV over CSV.) No SOAP, AJAX, etc. The channel lineup doesn't change that often.

    The format is simply
    on each line.

    My intention was to add just a few lines to the official PB sample. Many improvements are possible, so it is good to see some interest in it.

    I am actually new to DDT (not so with PBCC and PBDOS), so -- perhaps drawing from other official samples -- it can make a nice project for others new to PBWin. Building it up could also be the basis for a DDT tutorial.

    Some possible improvements:
    Jump to a channel number
    Search by name or part of a name
    Add a field for local, news, sports, movies, etc. and filter view by type
    Colo(u)r code channel names by their type
    XPRINT your lineup in a nice format
    Antenna and cable/satellite views
    TV and radio views
    Edit the TSV within the application rather than in a text editor
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