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Interfacing with MS Project Server 2007

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  • Interfacing with MS Project Server 2007

    My employer has a still-being-defined project starting which I know will involve M$ Project Server 2007. I am not quite sure yet whether I will be making stand-alone programs, plugging into the Project client, or some of both. (My impression, so far, is plugging into the client.) I understand you have to communicate with the server using SOAP now, and I am finding this SOAP thing to be a little slippery

    My first thought actually was (Iron)Python, but SOAPpy hasn't been updated for Python 2.5, nor does it seem any of the SOAP modules at Sourceforge are all that mature. Pre-alpha code, anyone? I am marginally proficient with VB6 and VB.NET, well, I know it exists So now I would like to stay in the PB family if I can.

    Any Project Server users here? Any code samples adaptable to PBCC/PBWin?
    Erich Schulman (KT4VOL/KTN4CA)
    Go Big Orange