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Right click launch in Windows explorer

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    Right click launch in Windows explorer

    Hi All,
    Can anyone tell us how easy, difficult, or otherwise it is to add the ability to launch an app by right-clicking on a data file in Explorer and getting the option to "open with"?

    For example, if I wrote/compiled a simple text editor called "Myeditor.exe" and right-clicked on any file with a .INI extension, getting Explorer to have in it's drop down menu the option to "Edit with Myeditor". This would preferably work only with a certain file type (.INI in this example) and not show for other file types.

    Simple, majorly difficult, or somewhere in between?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help with this one.


    #2 types ??



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        Originally posted by Dave Biggs View Post
        That looks dangerously clever!


          Most of Semen's stuff is like that
          Rgds, Dave


            That looks dangerously clever!
            Not so sure about "DANGEROUS", but it looks to me to be the ole "Register your Filetype" kinda situation

            and coming from Semen it is probly most if not dead on the mark
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              I didn't want to register the file extension as the default type (mainly to keep things "idiot proof") for the application.

              As an example, a file with a .txt extension by default opens in Notepad.
              Right clicking gives a few more options...

              - Convert to Adobe PDF
              - Add to Zip
              Open with
              - Notepad
              - Wordpad
              - MS Word
              - MS Excel

              The first 2 would have been added when Acrobat and Winzip respectively were installed - what I wanted to know was how this was done.
              By choosing "open with" it will sometimes add the app the the "Open with" list, but I wanted it - if possible - to be above that.



                This code posted by Pierre Bellisle might be closer to what you are after..
                Windows-Explorer context men, run as Admin. Show how to add right-click context menu option in "Windows Explorer" for drives, folder, files and .exe-files. As usual, use at your own risk. [/URL][URL=filedata/fetch?id=773260&d=1529864329]Click image for larger version Name: ContextMenu.png Views: 63 Size: 14.1 KB
                Rgds, Dave