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  • Evading System Hooks

    This product is claiming to make a PC running Windows "Instantly Become INVISIBLE To Keyloggers, Viruses, Hackers, Spyware, Trojans, Worms & Bots"
    (, which strikes me as impossible. Even if it installs itself as a root kit, it's claims seem unreasonable. Anyone have a clue what they could be doing, assuming its not all just smoke & mirrors?
    Michael Burns

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    As a first impression, that page really seems straight from the perfect Snake Oil marketer template.

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      Snake Oil marketer template
      Yes and no. While I think their claims are a little extreme, there are tricks that can be done. Like setting up your own global hooks early on in the windows startup and not passing them other other hooks, thus blocking them farther down the chain. (this can stop many key loggers that use hooks) For more information see things like: CallNextHookEx() and SetWindowsHookEx(). However this can be dangerous. Plus how can you be sure their program is not up to no good?

      Saying it makes your computer invisible to anything that gets on your PC is a fools claim. And their claim "Even malware that hasn't been invented yet." is even crazier. Vulnerabilities change all the time. Getting the spyware on your PC is most of the battle. Once there it is relatively easy to capture data. And while I am sure they have block many of the methods used to capture data, I highly doubt they can prevent some things that hackers can use to capture data. (Including screen snapshots which can be accessed from several methods including reading video memory directly.... if you can see it on your monitor so can they)
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        Why does it sound like an episode of "Quantum Leap"????

        Or more specifically the episode where Sam could make it rain??? Sure some was based in fact, some in tricks, but the rest was all showmanship and the concept of "Wishing it true...just may make it true"

        The ole theory holds may quack like a duck, swim like a duck, but because it is LIKE a duck....

        Does it mean it is a duck???
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