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checking a path for its media type

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  • checking a path for its media type

    Given an absolute path, how can I check whether files in that directory are on a local fixed disk partition? Checking the drive letter alone is insufficient because NTFS allows mounting into a directory. This will be a program intended only for use on local partitions, not on removable (including USB), optical, or network drives.
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    there are plenty in the source code forum. Including some I know I posted (but cant find).

    I did find Kev Peel's version in a discussion at Drive types

    That should be more than enough to get you going
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            DType = GetDriveType(DPath)
            Select Case DType
               Case 0
                  Msg = "an UNKNOWN Drive Location"
               Case 1
                  Msg = "Nowhere!  Drive Doesn't Exist!"
               Case 2
                  Msg = "a Removable Drive"
               Case 3
                  Msg = "a Fixed Disk Drive (" & Left$(DPath,2) & ")"
               Case 4
                  Msg = "a Network Drive"
               Case 5
                  Msg = "a CD-ROM Drive"
               Case 6
                  Msg = "a RAM Disk"
            End Select
         End If
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