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  • mix-n-match ADO source

    I am using MCM's ADODB28DISP.INC, but now I need to support other things besides SELECTing, like INSERT INTO. I went back to the as seen at (albeit now regenerated for PB9 use).

    I got an error for a duplicate equate when trying to combine the files.
    $CLSID_ADODB_Connection = GUID$("{00000514-0000-0010-8000-00AA006D2EA4}")
    $CLSID_ADODB_Event_ConnectionEvents = GUID$("{5EF71E5E-C2CB-4D92-A15D-6ABBFABBB987}")
    The different GUIDs make it plain I can't just delete one of those lines to resolve the duplicate problem. Will I need to build a .dll to isolate the code?
    Erich Schulman (KT4VOL/KTN4CA)
    Go Big Orange

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    You should be able to use the demo just by changing the SQL statement and eschewing the fetch code used with the SELECT.

    There is a variable (property, I think) which should report to you "number of rows affected" for an INSERT or UPDATE... which is probably what you should "OBJECT GET" and return to the calling function after a succesful "Execute"

    I think I have some (compatible) INSERT code here...let me look...

    Yeah this ought to get you started

        ' Create the comnnection object against which we do just about everything.
        SET oConn  = NEW ADODBConnection IN $PROGID_ADoDbConnection28  ' "ADODB.Connection"
        IF ISOBJECT(oConn) THEN
               STDOUT "created ADODBConnectionObject OK, setting connection string
               sConn       = "Provider=OraOLEDB.Oracle;Data Source=XE;User ID=prod;Password=prod"
               ' -------------------------------------------------
               ' CONNECT TO DATABASE
               ' -------------------------------------------------
               CALL           ADOConnectToDb (oConn, sConn, %NULL) TO iRet
               IF ISFALSE iRET THEN  ' success, we are connected
                   ' begin multiple statement transaction here
                   ' Each insert is inserting one ten-line ord_comnt with the CRLF0x06 delimiters
                   OBJECT CALL oconn.Begintrans   ' check errors here
                   FOR Z = 1 TO 3
                        sOrdno     = FORMAT$(119+Z)
                        sLongValue = ""
                        FOR iLineNo = 1 TO 10
                           sLongValue = sLongValue & $CRLF & CHR$(&h06) _
                             & USING$ ("Order  &  LINE # Code Z TEXT", sOrdNo, iLineNo)
                        sQuery  =   "Insert into ord_comnt " _
                             & "(ord_no, comnt_no, print_cd, comnt_txt) " _
                             &  " VALUES (" & sOrdNo & ", 1, 'Z', '" & sLongValue & "')"
                        STDOUT USING$( "Inserting for Order &",  sOrdNo)
                        ' ------------------------------------------------
                        ' ------------------------------------------------
                        CALL  ADOInsertOnConnection (oConn, sQuery, nRow, sErrorMessage) TO iRet
                        IF ISTRUE iRet THEN
                            ' should be in a state to get the error messages?
                            STDOUT "Error in Insert"
                            STDOUT SErrorMessage   ' this is not getting back here
                            bCommit = %FALSE
                            EXIT FOR
                            STDOUT USING$("Insert suceeded for order & ", sOrdNo)
                        END IF
                   NEXT ' next Z, which is the next order number and therefore the next Insert
    FUNCTION ADOInsertOnConnection (oConn AS ADODBConnection, sSql AS STRING, nRow AS LONG, sMsg AS STRING) AS LONG
    ' I think all I have to do here is begin the transaction but I don't
    ' want to do that each time...
    ' all this becomes in the abscence of transaction control and connection is execute!
      LOCAL vSql    AS VARIANT
      LOCAL vW   AS VARIANT  ' working var
      LOCAL vItem     AS VARIANT
      LOCAL vNRow     AS VARIANT
      LOCAL iRet      AS LONG
      LOCAL funcval   AS LONG
      LOCAL vErrIndex AS VARIANT, vErrCount AS VARIANT
      LOCAL I         AS LONG
      LOCAL s         AS STRING
      LOCAL nError    AS LONG
      Funcval  = %TRUE   ' default to error, set to zero on success only
      nRow     = 0       ' reset, will set on success.
      vSQl        =  sSql
      OBJECT CALL oconn.Execute (vsql, vnRow)
      iRet     =  OBJRESULT
      STDOUT   USING$("Insert on Connection iret #", iRet)
      IF Iret    = %S_OK THEN
          Funcval =  0& ' success
          nRow     = VARIANT#(vNRow)
          OBJECT GET oConn.Errors.count TO vErrCount
          nError  = VARIANT#(vErrCount)
          STDOUT USING$ ("Found # errors", nError)
          sMsg  = ""
          FOR i = 1 TO nError
              vErrIndex =  I-1&
              OBJECT GET    oConn.Errors.Item(vErrIndex).Description TO vErrDesc
              s            =  VARIANT$(vErrDesc)
              STDOUT USING$ ("Error # description is '&'", I-1,S)
              ' this is correct why is it not getting back to caller?
              sMsg = sMsg & S
              IF I <> nError THEN
                sMSg = sMsg & $CRLF
              END IF
             NEXT I
      END IF
      FUNCTION = FuncVal
    Michael Mattias
    Tal Systems (retired)
    Port Washington WI USA
    [email protected]