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Weird problem with shortcut named "RUN"

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  • Weird problem with shortcut named "RUN"

    If I create a shortcut with a name called "RUN" to a DOS program that starts from a batch file the program opens up with a red background.
    What would cause this. Can't find any PIF's or executables named "RUN".
    Is this a registry thing? Is there such a thing as a reserved shortcut name?

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    Rough guess but perchance something to do with the "RUN" menu????
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      I believe when running Ms-DOS programs, if no specific PIF is found a default PIF is used. However I think creating a shortcut creates a PIF.

      Try the "properties" settings for your MS-DOS executable.

      Also try a more meaningful shortcut name. Don't know about you, but "Run" kind of forces me to ask myself, "Run what?"
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        Yes default pif may be involved.
        Isn't there any in the windows folder?


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          Only default.pif in the \windows folder and nothing else.
          Searched registry for "run" and it isn't pretty. Found a few
          programs that use "run" as a startup option. Please don't waste
          time on this.