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    source code organisation

    When source modules go over about 1000 lines of code, I find that the combination of my aging cerebral cortex and the facilites of PBEDIT start to fall short of the standard of efficiency required in the modern world. Splitting up the source code into "INCs" is indicated, but now swapping between modules becomes almost as irksome as was scrolling or F<n> ing around a single module.

    Any recommendations please for a text editor which allows up to 4 windows to be kept in view, supports keyword highlighting, and can be used to call the compiler and display results?

    **** sorry - I should also have said "supports multiple monitors", so as to display different files on different monitors. Two or three monitors, though I don't know if I can run three.
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    For me the solution is LYNX + JellyFish

    JellyFish from
    LYNX from

    You will never go back. I manage projects of more that 200000 lines with them.

    Just setup LYNX telling where the compilers are and where the editor is.
    Than create a new project. Add the main file and all INC or other files you need to manage. Setup the resources.


      Originally posted by Eros Olmi View Post
      For me the solution is LYNX + JellyFish...
      Thanks Eros. Any issues with the PBWin version 9 and PBCC version 5 compilers?

      **** help file format for example??? CHM vs HLP
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        Talking about help files, you might want to check out H2Viewer.

        It's a free replacement for Document Explorer supplied with SDK CDs. - Advantage: It can be called with command line parms so can be integrated with any editor that has user tools to access context sensitive help from the SDK documentation, in the same way that you can access either PBHelp or Win32.hlp topics from PBEdit.

        In my favorite editor (EditPlus) I have the viewer assigned to a user tool / key combination (Ctrl-7). With this argument:
        " /appid EditPlus /helpcol MS.PSDKXPSP2.1033 /XNav /filterquery /Search $(CurSel)"
        H2Viewer opens and goes to the topic for the currently selected text in the Platform SDK Documentation - magic

        BTW in my setup, Ctrl-1 and Ctrl-2 are for PBWin.chm and Win32.hlp - aurguments not required, word at cursor is passed automatically to help files launched by a user tool.

        EditPlus integrates well with Lynx so you can Compile / Run the current file from Lynx's toolbar (or from the editor's user tools). It has 10 groups of 20 user tools, user configurable template files, clip text, search/replace, find in files, keyword highlighting, auto complete, code folding, MDI, window splitter and heaps of other goodies..

        PS. I take for granted that you will take up Lynx Project Explorer as would anyone that tried it !
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        Rgds, Dave


          UltraEdit has served me quite well for years. Never really used the PB Editors after I got hooked on UE.
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            Chris, I know how you feel (I am over 100,000 lines of code from the years) and often find myself confused or looking for that "Tid=bit" I did eooooons ago

            Ultra Edit is good for multiple tabs, PB is good if your screen is big enough to stack, but both have their failing...and I think visually to the "OH I KNOWWWW its here somewhere" thought...and it boils down to how much screen real-estate you have vs what you are working on.

            Personally I like the PB layout cause I can compile and run without coding 1st then change programs to test the code I just saved

            (Point of diminishing returns comment --->) maybe revisit the original *.Inc files and group common functions into a smaller group of *.inc files?? and common functions used between one *.inc file and another *.inc file???
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