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search entire project for string / codename

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  • search entire project for string / codename

    Wouldn't it be great if you could?

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    Well you could if you had either Lynx (Find in Tree) or EditPlus (Find in files).

    "LYNX from "
    "EdtPlus..rant.. "

    Some people won't be told
    ( )
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      If you don't mind being a bit primitive you could hunt down a free command line version of GREP for Windows. If you don't mind dealing with the Regular Expressions you can do some very complex searches. There are probably some paid Windows GUI versions of GREP also.

      I use RegExBuddy to do complex searches because it helps me build the RegEx then it can do a GREP with the expression but most of the time I just use the free command line version.
      Mark Strickland, CISSP, CEH


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        I looked at Lynx + Jellyfish. Could not make Jellyfish give me a list of Methods, and Lynx did not appear to handle .CHM help files. They both looked like excellent tools - can't imagine why they are "end of life" products.

        Encouraged by your comments, I'm evaluating EditPLus. So far it looks promising.

        The ideal solution is a 100% PowerBasic one but this is an imperfect world...
        all the same, you can't just define a project as a bunch of files and leave it there - a project is for life, not just for Xmas!


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          Grep, plus Ultra Edit, plus Bob Scott's disk utilty WILL search multiple files for a token... however, they only search multiple files of disrete file name masks ina named folder and its subfolders.

          Not quite the same thing as searching a "discret list of files, which may be a many different file extrensions and come from many different folders."

          Send a New Feature Suggestion to [email protected] if you'd like to see "support for search of token within all files of a project" in the PB/IDE.

          Michael Mattias
          Tal Systems (retired)
          Port Washington WI USA
          [email protected]


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            Originally posted by Mark Strickland View Post
            If you don't mind being a bit primitive
            Oh, I am primitive. No TV, eat road kill, that sort of thing. I've been using vi, sed, grep and awk since they were young things. Experimenting with Microsoft's qgrep at the moment but I don't think it will catch on.

            But I have a sneaking suspicion that a better integrated toolset will make me more productive.

            Now, let us wait behind this bush until some wit mentions what sort of workman blames his tools...


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              Phoenix visual RAD wil give you:

              search project,
              search file,
              search procedure.

              All u need.

              my $ 0.02

              You gotta run, and don't loop back.


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                Originally posted by Herman Kieskamp View Post
                Phoenix visual RAD...
                ..unknown to search engine... do you have a link please?


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                  >>I'm evaluating EditPLus. So far it looks promising.

                  Here's a PBWin90 keyword highlighting syntax file for EditPlus that might be useful.

                  Apart from not supporting .chm help files (which you'll likely access from your editor anyway) did you think you might use Lynx? If so you'll find that EditPlus and Lynx play well together.
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                  Rgds, Dave


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                    Originally posted by Dave Biggs View Post
                    Here's a PBWin90 keyword highlighting syntax file
                    Dave that is much appreciated. I had just started converting mine, it would have been a long job. Funny thing, after installing it for BAS|INC files and swapping source files, the editor GPFd, but has been stable since.

                    Just got the function/sub/method/class method lists working. I like the regex approach.


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                      I'd suggest another free, simple and lightweght editor.