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    While doing a search several days ago I ran across some code that created three bitmaps from data statements, placed two of the bitmaps in label controls and one in the dialog caption. I thought I had copied the code to my HD but can't find it and I don't remember what I was searching for when I ran across the code. I think it was by Edwin Knoppert, but I'm not sure.

    If someone is familiar with this code I'd appreciate it if s/he would supply a forum link.

    Thank you

    ======================== EDIT =============================

    Found it.
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    Walt Decker

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    Glad you found it.

    I was just about suggest that the post you were looking for probably made use of Edwin's BinBas program - available from his website
    Rgds, Dave


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      >Found it

      Thank you for sharing the link.
      Michael Mattias
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        Was it Dave's post???

        If not then where is the code???

        (Not fair asking, if you do not post results)
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          Originally posted by Cliff Nichols View Post
          (Not fair asking, if you do not post results)
          Not fair either to significantly change/edt a post ("found it") a day later. Are we expected to read every post every time we revist a thread to read replies? (JIC edits/changes have been made,)

          Tsk tsk, Walt.

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