Saw a msg tonight (Cafe) that inquired about a Subliminal Messae program and I thought it might be fun to do one in PB. After a couple hours trying different methods, I came up with this.

CAUTION - CAUTION - CAUTION - it steals a lot of processing time AND requires ACD (Task Mgr) to exit.
Tip name the program "Z" to makeit easy to find.

I suspect it could probably be improved on. {wry grin}

'PBWIN 9.01 - WinApi 05/2008 - XP Pro SP3
#Dim All 
#Compile Exe  
#Optimize SPEED  
#Debug Display On 'reccoed ot in production code
#Include "WIN32API.INC"
#Include "COMDLG32.INC"
#Include ""
Global hdlg, hdlg_Child As Dword                
Macro Common_Locals 'Macro easier than retyping and maintains coding consistency
  Global Dlg_hght, Dlg_Wd As Long 'Global in case want to use in Controls
  Local Stile, Row, col, hght, wd, Longest,ctr, ln, ln1, i As Long
  Local tmr As Double
  Local hwin, fhndl, hfont As Dword
  Local  title, l, s As String
End Macro  
Sub Flash_Msg(Msg As String)
'Function Msg_Reply(Title$, Msg$) As Long 'Yes = 1
  Title$ = "Mind Fuzzing Experiment"
    Graphic Window Title$, 200, 300, 400, 100 To hWin
    Graphic Attach hWin, 0 
    Font New "Comic MS Sans", 48 To hfont 'make it big
    Graphic Set Font hfont
    Graphic Set Pos (10, 20)
    Graphic Print msg$
End Sub            
Function PBMain
  Dlg_hght = 1
  Dlg_Wd = 1
  Dialog New Pixels, hdlg, "Subliminal", , , Dlg_Wd, Dlg_Hght, Stile To hdlg 'centered
    Call Flash_Msg("Giggle at wife") 
   Sleep 1 'flash it then end
     Graphic Window End                       
     Dialog End hdlg
   Sleep 5000 ' wait awhile
    GoTo Do_Over 
  Dialog Show Modal hDlg   'Call PBMain_Processor
End Function  
"I'll moider da bum."
Heavyweight boxer Tony Galento,
when asked what he thought of William Shakespeare

Neat note - I saw Tony Galento in his wrestling days when I was about 12 years old.
Neat note 2 - Wrestling was "real" in those days too, not fake like it is today.