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How can i call 7-ZIP DLL functions from PB

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  • How can i call 7-ZIP DLL functions from PB

    I've used ZLIB library for compressing files to ZIP format, but with hughe files and archives ( > 4GB ) those archives get corrupt and therefor cannot handled by Windows.
    7-ZIP CAN create ZIP archives greater than 4 GB border and are ZIP compatible and Windows can handle these also.

    So i thought of implementing the 7z.dll in PB, but how can i declare those functions. Where or how can i lookup what functions are exported? Calling the COM-browser did not deliver any result, looking through C sources from 7-ZIP, but they are very hughe.

    Any idea except shelling the commandline version?
    I'am still confused...but on a higher level.

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    Take a look here!

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      Yes the SDK....
      Already downloaded it, but it seems to include sourcecode only for internal LZMA (i.e. *.7z files) format. Didn't see anything about ZIP format.

      I've tried BigSpeed ZIP and IB-ZIP. Only BSZIP-OCX works porperly with archives greater than 4 GB, but uses it's own *.ZIP8 format, so Windows cannot deflate.
      IB-ZIP is easy to use and works with standard ZIP format, but it's the ame as with BS-ZIP, archive below 4 GB is OK, files to add below 2 GB also OK, can deflated by Windows. Greater files or archives then ZIP corrupts.

      Now i try with Info-ZIP, version 3 should work with greater files and archives, according to their website.

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      I'am still confused...but on a higher level.


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        ZLib seems to be limited to 2^WindowBits - 256 = 4,294,967,040 bytes.
        Would't it be the easiest to just create multiple zip files? (>4Gb files aren't very handy anyway...)

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          Thought of splitting archives too, but single files can be up to 30 GB, so i had to split these files before ZIPing them.
          I'am still confused...but on a higher level.