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Replacement for WinHLP?

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  • Fred Buffington
    html help is quite easy. Most is done with simple html files. There are some html like files that are used just for the htmlhelp but if you have programmed
    in html then they are easy to use too.

    For now, I am using both htmlhlp and html depending on the os version.
    That is, i use a straight html files shown with ie. then for the newer OS's the htmlhlp.

    The workshop is very similar to winhlp workshop.

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  • Chris Boss
    More current versions of Windows use HTML help instead of the old help files (.hlp).

    You need to use an HTML Help Editor to create your documentation.

    I use Helpmaker which is freeware and quite good:

    Helpmaker the more recent version I believe can also export to PDF format if you want that.

    PDF is also a good format since most PC's come with adobe acrobat (PDF) readers.

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  • Jeff Blakeney
    I found this link too:

    This includes the Windows 7 API calls as well but for some reason has three different versions for different processors. Hopefully all the 32 bit API calls still exist and the 64 bit versions have different names. Why there is a difference in the SDK between an AMD64 and an IA64 processor is something I don't understand.

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  • José Roca
    The Microsoft Platform SDK

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  • Richard Gorsuch
    started a topic Replacement for WinHLP?

    Replacement for WinHLP?

    Now that MS has stopped shipping WinHLP, I need to use some other product. So what have you been using and how well does it work for your?