Yet another Fonts Macro. Kind of a pita/distracting to create a New Font/size when working on a new control/dialog/graphic, so I just do it once at the top of the program and then changes on the fly are easy. Just change the array designator.

' *******************************************************
Macro Fonts_Setup
'   put Global at top of program or change to Local here
'   Global f_Script(), f_Comic(), f_Courier(), f_Arial(), f_Consolas() As Dword
   Local ctr As Long
    ctr = 72 'Max size of type used
   ReDim f_Comic(1 To ctr), f_Courier(1 To ctr), f_Arial(1 To ctr), f_Consolas(1 To ctr), _
         f_Script(1 To ctr)
   For ctr = 1 To ctr                                             
      Font New "Comic MS Sans", ctr To f_Comic(ctr) 
      Font New "Courier", ctr To f_Courier(ctr) 
      Font New "Arial", ctr To f_Arial(ctr) 
      Font New "Consolas", ctr To f_Consolas(ctr) 
      Font New "Bickley Script", ctr To f_Script(ctr) 
   Next ctr
End Macro            
' *******************************************************
'Example Code:
    Graphic Set Font f_Script(60)  'f_Comic(36)
    Graphic Set Pos (1, 10)
    Graphic Print Msg$
CONTROL SET FONT [I]hDlg[/I], [I]id&[/I], f_Script(60)  'f_Comic(36)