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The new PB/Win 9.02 and PB/CC 5.02 updates

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  • The new PB/Win 9.02 and PB/CC 5.02 updates

    Yes, I have been waiting for this for quite some time!
    It looks like two of my reported bugs are indeed fixed now, I am installing it right now, so I will report later if this was indeed the case.

    The first one had to do with an internal error report when inheriting an implementation of an interface into an existing interface (which still does not seem to be possible, but at least should produce a more meaningful error now), and the second bug that should be history is a compile-time error message when defining an Interface outside a class with methods or properties that have UDT parameters. Something that I occasionally do, so this is really major for me. I'm glad I can undo the workarounds in my code.

    I've seen other things in the HISTORY.TXT file that should be interesting for a lot of folks, like normal termination when debugging certain applications in 64-bit operating systems. Although I'm not affected yet (still a 32-bit user), I've seen some reports on this forum from people who have been.

    So all in all, I'm very grateful for this important release and would like to thank everybody from the PB team once again!

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    Yip, I also want to express many thanks to the team!