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shell diskshadow win2008 64bit

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  • shell diskshadow win2008 64bit

    Does someone know the error message: COM call "(*vssObject)->InitializeForBackup" failed ??

    I use diskshadow.exe on hyper-v server 2008 and test my scripts on the command line - everything works. If I let my pb-executable do this job on the server with :

    strCmd = "diskshadow -s """ & CURDIR$ & "\mybackup_vhd.txt"""
    SHELL strCmd EXIT TO lExitCode

    will bring the COM-Error. I try explicit all the 32bit and 64bit variants of diskshadow.exe and cmd.exe but nothing works. Is it win2008 or is it the SHELL command from PB ??

    My project is a tcp/ip server that listen on commands from the network and do this backup jobs. All works fine (diskpart, etc.). My actual workaround is to create jobs in the 2008 scheduler an start and stop this jobs from PB (schtasks /RUN /TN "ShadowDelete").

    Is there someone who knows this point ?

    Script-Example: diskshadow -s mybackup_vhd.txt

    set context persistent
    set metadata c:\backupserver\
    begin backup
    add volume c: alias backupname
    create <-----------------------------this produced the COM-Error
    expose %backupname% shadowhdd
    end backup

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    Powerbasic 32/64bit problem ??

    Is it not really a powerbasic problem or why does no one knows this error ? Since two weeks no answer ?? Is it so unusual to develop with cc the win 2008 64bit shell ??


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      Is the server running in 64bit?

      Just hazarding a wild guess but perhaps if you do it from a script directly it runs in native 64bit mode but when you try to do it from PB it runs it from WoW64 (32bit compatibility mode) and it's a sort of "thunking" issue?
      <b>George W. Bleck</b>
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        Originally posted by George Bleck View Post
        Is the server running in 64bit?
        2008 Server is only available in 64-bit.
        Scott Slater
        Summit Computer Networks, Inc.


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          Found this single link which might be of some vague assistance...

          <b>George W. Bleck</b>
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            Thanks Georg, but this is the only one that I found before I put it in this forum

            Sorry George !