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Pbcc and vista

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  • Pbcc and vista

    Has anyone else encountered issues running pbcc apps on vista that run "just fine" under xp and earlier versions? My app has over 800 separate executables and 798 of them run ok in vista but 2 (the largest two executables) simply do not run at all. No 'error message' ... Just won't run. Any ideas? Thanx!

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    Are you using the proper permissions for all EXEs?


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      How are you starting the two which fail? 'Start' from command line? Double-click in Explorer? Shortcut from desktop? CreateProcess/Shell/ShellExecute from another process?

      And are you sure they are not starting? Maybe they are starting but 'something' is causing them to end naturally.

      Me, I'd try 'start' from a command prompt. If nothing else you should get some kind of error message back to you if the program won't run.

      Or, horror of horrors, you could "show failing code" (presumably your WinMain() function). Maybe someone can spot something.

      (But I like the 'permissions' explanation).

      Michael Mattias
      Tal Systems (retired)
      Port Washington WI USA
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        I jumped from xp to w7 so I never played with vista. Does vista have a compatability mode?

        In w7, right click and "Troubleshoot Compatability".
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