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  • Dynamically Add/Insert Menu Item

    Using DDT is it possible to dynamically add and or insert menu items in a existing menu? Using several different ideas I've attempted this without success.
    Walt Decker

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    Hi Walt,

    Yep - check out the gbs_00046 snippet. It gives an example of a dynamic menu - displaying most recently opened filenames. The content changes over time, during execution of the app.

    "Maintain MRU List" under category apps/dialogs.


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      Thanks, Gary, that helped tremendously and pointed me in the correct direction.

      The compilable isn't quite. Where there is supposed to be a "CB.extn" the cut-n-paste in notepad produces "CB . extn", but then that's no big thing since some using pb8 would have to remove the period anyway.

      Thanks again!
      Walt Decker


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        Hmmm... in the HTML export of that snippet, several terms didn't export correctly. All of the CB.xx terms have spaces on either side of the period.

        You can download gbSnippets and get the correct code directly from the database. I go take a look at the export routine right away and post the corrected HTML code.