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  • Win32.chm

    I've uploaded a new version of the conversion of the Win32.hlp file to chm format. It's the best ever (well I would say that wouldn't I)! More details on the web page:
    - LJ

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    The list of what's in the file gives this:

    Formatted code examples
    Does this mean you've added examples to the original file? And if so, in what language. Can you point out one of the new examples? Is there a detailed list of which topics you changed?


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      The text of the page states that I've changed as little as possible of the contents, and what I have changed consists entirely of deletions, things like "[New in Windows NT]".

      So, no I haven't added examples, just restored the formatting on the many that were already there. In the previous conversion, the C code was like a forum post that didn't use [CODE] tags.
      - LJ


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        Hey Laurence,

        Having seen the quality of your work in the past I believe I will have one more file on my PC. :-)

        On the go to look at it...

        Thank you


        Added: "[New in Windows NT]" removal is appreciated! :-)
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          Hi Laurence,

          Unfortunately on my Win7 and Win10 machines I don't get anything (topic text) displayed in the main window.
          Rgds, Dave


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            Works real fine on 7/64 and X/64 on my side... :-)


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              Right click on the file, select properties, then 'Unblock'
              It seems a common thing with CHM files and W7.

              BTW are you the same Dave Biggs of the Yellow River Debating Society Circa 1985?

              If so, send me a PM.



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                That was it! Thanks
                Rgds, Dave


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                  >It seems a common thing with CHM files and W7.

                  It might be using Internet Explorer to download rather than the operating system is what adds the "block."

                  The same thing happens on Windows/XP using IE. Does not seem to happen when I "FTP" files.
                  Michael Mattias
                  Tal Systems Inc.
                  Racine WI USA
                  [email protected]


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                    Very nice, Laurence!

                    For ease of use it beats the link I've been using. (Fewer clicks! )
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                      About viewing CHM files or not!


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                        The CHM file has been updated.

                        Non-scrolling heading bar, like the original.
                        Buttons moved from body to heading bar.
                        Text chevron links changed to buttons.
                        Other minor cosmetic tweaks.

                        - LJ


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                          Looks pretty good!

                          Thank Laurence. :-)



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                            Thanx for the hard work.

                            There are only two speeds for computers: fast enough, and too bloody slow.
                            And there are 10 types of programmer -- those that know binary, and those that don't.


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                              If I considered it hard work I'd never have done it - but it did end up being something of a challenge! Sorry about the increase in size - the non-scrolling headings added significant code to every single topic.
                              - LJ


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                                I've received a report that this CHM file does not work under Windows XP. The message "Navigation to the webpage was canceled" appears in the topic text space. To the best of my knowledge, this file contains no external internet links. Also, the security warning dialog box on startup never goes away, even though the file has been "unblocked". I have verified this using XP Mode under Windows 7.

                                BUT, here's a strange thing: If the file is copied to the desktop it works fine from there, but never works from Explorer.

                                Anyone got any ideas?
                                - LJ


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                                  From an old memory fragment - MS stopped supporting .CHM when XP came out. There was such an uproar they made a download .CHM reader available.Good luck finding that now.



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                                    Originally posted by Dale Yarker View Post
                                    From an old memory fragment - MS stopped supporting .CHM when XP came out. There was such an uproar they made a download .CHM reader available.Good luck finding that now.
                                    I strongly believe that you both got something mixed up. Microsoft has stopped supporting HLP files, first when Win7 came out. CHM files are supported as usual. If you need to read HLP files you can download the (unsupported) software for Win7 here.
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                                      What is the original location, ? chm files are considered risky they can be used for exploits. Location and owner can cause them to not display.

                                      btw thanks, first I have noticed of your hard work

                                      A dozen what.


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                                        Hey Laurence,

                                        I did download the chm from your site again to be sure to have the latest and
                                        I'm testing it right now under a genuine XP, no problem at all, everything is well.
                                        Do you have more informations as how to reproduce this problem?


                                        To be clear, the file is in a subfolder and I start it from Windows Explorer or a shortcut.
                                        Anti-virus is an up to date Microsoft Security Essentials.
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