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NET USE LPT redirection issue

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  • NET USE LPT redirection issue

    I did no see a WTH category to put this in.
    Just an FYI that belongs here by importance compared to the system category.
    After installing Windows 7 Utlimate 32 bit and doing updates using WSUS offline updates with service pack updates rather than individual updates.
    Failed was using making commands NET USE LPT1, and LPT2 and LPT3 work.
    I never saw this act this way.
    I had added LPT4 to LPT9 using a reg file and it is standard that I add these to all machines.
    The ports could be seen in printer properties under the ports tab.
    What finally made it work was removing the Ports by way of the registry.
    I did a practice on other Windows 7 pro machines, non Ultimate and I was able to make redirected attachments.
    Before under Windows xp. You could only do this for ports listed and if the actual port did not exist on the computer or you renowned the port or disabled the port in device manager.
    I have seen others have issues with redirect of ports in this forum and wonder if this problem is what was causing their problem.
    Without further testing to this point. It looks like I will be removing all LPT and COM ports from printer ports.

    I have other machines with Ultimate 7 on them but not an current uodate as turn updates off after a machine is running.
    Also I found my other problem with Trusted Zones. Yep, windows update broke that.
    p purvis

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    here is my standard add more lpt ports reg file
    i do this in the case i want to print from a 16 bit console program or a 16 BIT powerbasic TSR program.
    no i have not tried to print higher than lpt3 or lpt4 on those program but i believe Powerbasic PBCC works just fine for ports higher than lpt3 meaning lpt4 to lpt9.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Ports]
    the problem may not of been what i thought it was originally.
    on the xp systems, i could have the protocol for File and Printer sharing for Microsoft Networks in the lan area properties for my network card but not have to check place a check on the item.
    by doing so, i could just make a share locally and have redirection all i wanted to on the local machine to itself and not expose those shares on the network.
    but it maybe that windows 7 at does not allow that. i will keep checking with on this as i convert the machines.

    p purvis


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      Disabling the File and Print sharing by default is a security measure.

      BTW, for all intends and purposes - you should have upgraded to the 64 bit version ... if 16 bit applications are still a need for you, as you've indicated, look at something like VirtualBox or DOSBox.


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        Yes Knuth.
        Specially on workstations. I try to disable everything that will provide the upmost security and that usually comes to the Wordpress Disable, Disable Disable. And I really prefer REMOVE.

        Just to repeat because one thing does not seem possible.
        In XP sp3, where I just want to redirect to local printer ports, I did not have to have sharing accessible for non local connections but simply by uncheckimg the file and printer protocol that is listed under network properties for a network device and not removing the protocol entirely. I was able to get simple printing to LPT ports for software that does not print to windows printers. A big issue to overcome when dealing with many software printing.
        That is good to know. Knuth about the security.
        Our venders software keeps the big most important database files all the time except in the begging menu.
        Simce 2006 when we move over. I have not been able to get through to this old stubborn programmer on his bad practices that cause him all kinds of issues and me as well when things go bad.
        So there is not going to be any virtual software used when those possibilities exist and after a discussion last week with the developer, using non 16 bit code is not forseeable at this time. And I will probably now die first or not be involved in any way with what is being used.
        p purvis


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          The printer driver can be used and eliminate LPT ports.
          Wireless printers automatically configure much differently using
          Not sure what printers would be wanted without wireless.

          Anything can be sent to a text file and printed using WinPrint, DDOC ox XPRINT
          using a SHELL command to replace all the print statements
          I pass additional commands on the shell line to tell the printing program what to do with the file.

          DDOC even has routines for printing sheets of labels (if needed.)
          Then again, not sure why the need for the registry or using:
          NET USE LPT2: /DELETE

          If this is about deleting LPT ports for security it is the first time I've heard of doing it.