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Windows 10 locking-up solved

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  • Windows 10 locking-up solved

    Got rid of Chrome.
    Going to will always lock-up after viewing some of the articles.
    Since using Edge, haven't locked-up. but the number of ads is tremendous.

    This site explains same issues and some things that may fix the problems:
    1 Clear cache and cookies
    2 Turn off Chrome add-ons
    3 Update drivers
    4 Allow Chrome through Windows Defender Firewall settings
    5 Update or re-install Chrome
    Last edited by Mike Doty; 4 Nov 2018, 08:00 AM. instead of google

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    Mike, I gave Google some very strong words that they need to hear the weekend before last.
    They broke internet explorer and safari basically on what they did with some web pages we use want us to run Firefox or Chrome.
    They have broken web pages many times with Firefox as well in the past.
    With a lot of what we do, there is no way i will be running Chrome anytime soon in restricted use.
    They have done a lot of work on the browser but i just do not trust them or at least their ethics.
    But i can say the same for a lot of entities and people alike.
    p purvis


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      The problem was the paging file got turned off.
      This message popped up "Paging file is too small using chakra.dll.". instead of google