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    Jim, I now suggest a break, in any of the US's National Forests will do. Not that you need one but Stuart has just put a contract out on you.


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      Yes, David I know. He and Dale have been gunning for me for a while now. They are just so cruel to people. I'm ok though. "Haters got to be haters." There is just no convincing them that we are here as kindred spirits. They should read or watch "The Time Machine". I think they will recognize the Morlock tribe. Scruffy looking, glow in the dark eyes, blue skin, rather chunky build, long hair, slow to react, verbalize in grunts, lurk around in dark places, and are afraid of bright lights. Not to mention they like the taste of human flesh. I deflect their blows quite often. I'm used to it now. Thanks for being concerned.

      Perhaps Adam has been taking notes about them.

      It's been my pleasure working with you. Later

      P.S. I imagine the Morlocks had a really nasty smell to them.


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        Jim, you have got Dale and Stuart wrong. Neither of them suffer fools gladly. If someone makes a statement about something and gets it wrong because they are insufficiently read on the subject then they had better start ducking. Most people will just let an erroneous statement go by - Dale and Stuart will not, and they will not mince words when they respond.

        Another thing: If you do get caught out and you reckon that it was a 'fair cop' then admit to it. If you 'duck and dive' in the hope of coming out 'smelling of roses' you will get torn apart.

        I never write directly into the forum, I always use EZ-Post even for short posts. Only when I think that I am on solid ground will I publish.

        There was a guy here who was a 'piece of work' and many people fell for his explanation of his behaviour. I did not and eventually admin did not either. His name is Michael Mattias.

        Written using EZ-POST by Bob Scott


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          Thanks Dave. I haven't replied to his comments since Thursday because I didn't like where it was headed.


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            Thanks Dale glad you could join us and I mean that.

            I admit when I make a mistake and ask for forgiveness. You know I believe I understand them since I've seen them in action for quite some time now. Their pack leader is gone so they get to move up.

            ANSWER IS: They suffer from delusions of grander. I think that is pretty clear.

            Sure they can dish it out like banshees but they cannot stick around for returns.

            If you want to play chicken that is fine. Just make sure you come prepared. And I think you will find that I'm not the one giving you a bad name. You are.
            Who needs a traffic cop when a traffic cop is insolent. Huh? That gives the whole police force a bad rep. I don't suppose you care about that.


            P.S. Do I make fun of your spelling errors. No
            Have some respect for others.


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                I have stayed out of this conversation because I have already seen what Jim's approach has been in terms of shooting his mouth off but widening his attack against a number of other members is another story, most can tolerate a person like Jim being a bit short in technical terms but his repeatedly bad mannered approach to other members needs to be fixed.

                > Perhaps Adam has been taking notes about them.

                You will find that Adam misses very little and that includes Jim's bad manners to other members, I have no doubt that both Stuart or Dale are more than capable of defending themselves but they should not have to. There is an old expression that fits the situation for Jim.

                People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
                hutch at movsd dot com
                The MASM Forum



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                  Is it bad manners to respond in kind to a specific attack? The shooters that dispense havoc on innocent bystanders in turn need to be shot down.
                  That is my personal view.

                  Widening my attack? Really? When is self defense considered an attack?

                  Also when I describe someone's character and how they come across to me is not an attack. I'm just pointing out the obvious to most of the folks still here.

                  If you want to show an example of code then show it. If you want to amend that code then do it. Do not tell people they are wrong or worthless (as Stuart tends to do).

                  If you say you can do a better job then do it. As I've said in the past "Show me the money". In a polite way that means I'm calling your bluff. Put up or shut up.

                  Until then what? Are we supposed to wait around while you figure out how to do what you said you could do? Nonsense.

                  I am here to tell you that the attacks need to stop and I am talking about all your attacks on innocent bystanders.

                  Even though I didn't start this post I am letting you know "Masked Man" has my permission to leave this post. Thank you for your consideration. Ha Ha

                  This is my background:
                  1) Retired military with 30 years of service. 2 tours in Baghdad.
                  2) Was an Avenger missile system repairman when I retired. (ran and maintained a multi-million dollar test system.)
                  3) Over 40 years in electronics and microelectronics.
                  4) Built 2 robots of my own design.
                  5) Programming for Windows since 2000.
                  6) Programmed in DOS until 2000.
                  7) Demonstrated my first robot to a public venue 1981.
                  8) My latest robot has 8 microprocessors embedded in it running my software.
                  9) The languages I have used:

                  Any questions?

                  Just because I chose not to butt into your posts does not mean I agree with what you posted. Please show me the same consideration.

                  Also I kept a backup copy of this post. In case it gets deleted.
                  04 AUG 2019

                  Oh and one more thing. I do not consider myself to be right or wrong. In leaving I just quote a not so famous person, "You boys aught to mind your manners." I am sure that sounds familiar to you from your childhood.

                  Yes, I know all about Michael Mattias. He, Dale, and Stuart all share the same anti-social qualities and most people here are not happy with their browbeating conduct.
                  As you can see I do not duck and dive any more. My military service is over...
                  Sorry about the long post.

                  Last edited by Jim Fritts; 4 Aug 2019, 11:18 PM.


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                    I have always had some time for military folks, in your own case multiple tours and a tech background and that earns you some respect but you are fighting the wrong battle here. I have been a member of this forum for 20 years and there is a massive range of expertise in this forum, its generally that they cannot be bothered when the equestrian fertilised hits the fan and just ignore it.

                    Its good that you are working on code and willing to post examples but get used to the idea that there is a wide range of ideas about code design and not all that many agree with each other. I have a simple system when someone disagrees with me, I feel sorry for them.

                    It is normal when you post code in a forum for different people to criticise it and depending on their reason, you may even learn something if it makes sense, of course you run the risk of their criticism not being any use to you and while most members here are infallible, the exchange is often useful. What you will find is that members here are not target on a shooting range but human being that are more than capable of defending themselves and if you keep trying to heap equestrian fertiliser on them they can dump a truckload or two back on you.

                    Instead of treating this forum like a battlefield, treat it like the canteen where you can sit down and have a couple of beers with your buddies and talk about ideas in a friendly manner.
                    hutch at movsd dot com
                    The MASM Forum



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                      I'm not a beer kind of guy. Coolers are ok and the occasional Malibu Rum or Jameson I'm there.

                      No doubt there is massive talent here.
                      No doubt they see coding methods and ideas that they do not understand or like or care to know.
                      No doubt they do not have patience.
                      No doubt they have little tact.
                      No doubt they have no empathy.

                      I am all about talking about ideas in a friendly way.
                      I did not make it a battlefield(your buddies did with their cavalier grander than thou attitude)

                      I acknowledge this:
                      1) My coding methods are far from perfect.
                      2) My ideas and code are controversial.
                      3) My abilities may be limited.
                      4) I am not here to cause chaos.
                      5) I am here to share ideas and be creative.
                      6) I am here to keep my mind from withering away (therapeutic value).
                      7) I am here to make friends all over the world.
                      8) I am not here to criticize other people's ideas or their code.
                      9) I am here to learn from the best (which is not limited to the ones that still hover around and rattle chains now)
                      10) I am here to work together on something that is greater than us all. (The future of Power Basic)
                      11) I am willing to try to help anyone that is foundering and needs some help.
                      12) I am here to spread some humor into a dry subject that is exceptionally fascinating and rewarding.

                      If these do not align with your acknowledgements then I feel sorrow for you.

                      Keep up the good work "Masked Man"

                      I have been here many many moons as well. Check my join date. Not to mention I was on the original dialup BBS back in the DOS days. See Tonto go.
                      AKA Wizard, Jim, Jimbo, DudeRancher, Fritter, among others.


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                        I was making a joke in post #41 and was taken aback with what followed, neither Dale nor Stuart wrote very much in this thread although I thought Stuart's post was uncalled for. I was going to say something but then didn't bother.

                        Anyway we all need to take a little more care about what we write and we can certainly do without inflamatory remarks. With active members down to 186 we could also do without the squabbling.


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                          I'm with you.

                          I live inside a park so it is very easy to step outside for awhile. I wish all of you could enjoy that fresh feeling. I used to joke that, "I am so far out in the boonies that if I step outside in the morning I get tree sap on my face".

                          Yes, I used to say that. Now I have porches so I cannot make that claim anymore. Gee how the technology changes. Ha Ha

                          "Houston Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed."


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                            Originally posted by Jim
                            I live inside a park
                            Blimey, I wish I did, I live in a concrete jungle about a mile north of Heathrow airport. Fortunately Heathrow's runways are east to west, so I rarely hear it. Having said that I am not far from a motorway and I can be in the countryside fairly quickly but that is not the same as just taking a few steps.


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                              Well, that was a waste of time, what you have just spelled out is you version of "My way or the highway" as you undertake to be the judge and jury of a massive number of people.
                              No doubt there is massive talent here.
                              No doubt they see coding methods and ideas that they do not understand or like or care to know.
                              No doubt they do not have patience.
                              No doubt they have little tact.
                              No doubt they have no empathy.
                              The bottom line is if you post crappy code, someone may even notice it and while I have heard many sales pitches in my time, the action is like in motor racing, "When the flag drops the (Bovine Excrement) stops."
                              hutch at movsd dot com
                              The MASM Forum



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                                You may be right Steve but could we have done without your post? In all fairness I reckon we could. Any more of this and I will be asking admin to close this thread. Don't be surprised if it is closed without my asking.


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                                  Likely you misinterpreted me. Those comments were directed at the Pack that is missing its leader. But then, "If the shoe fits? Wear it."
                                  Might protect you from the excrement for just a little while. Just don't fall in it when tripping over those shoes.

                                  I'm amazed that it is still open. I have no qualms with that. Thank you



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                                    > Likely you misinterpreted me

                                    Probably so but I can only respond on what you say which may not be what you intend. If you can stop insulting members you may have something to offer, I tried to comprehend your description of yourself but got it spat back in my face. I have no doubt you want the thread closed as I have generally seen folks who ask for this have made a clown of themselves.
                                    hutch at movsd dot com
                                    The MASM Forum