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Encounter error 473 Invalid numeric format

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  • Encounter error 473 Invalid numeric format

    Hi All

    Can some one please help me as I was compiling a program doing MD5 hash from

    and got this error :

    Error 473 in D:\PB\MD5 Hash2\MD5 Hash.bas(40:024):  Invalid numeric format
                       Line 40:      ctx.lState( 0 ) = &H67452301

    the program line where this error occurs is
               ctx.lState( 0 ) = &H67452301
    looks like it can't take &amp

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    That is a well known bug/error attributed to the way the code was posted...

    Replace [&] with &

    BOLO - Be On The LookOut for them.
    This can happen to anyone and is very insidious. Yes, it is problematic to new Users and anyone that is working with old code or new code in this case.

    Always check your code when posting a test app. That is one of the things we all should do.

    Likely it is caused by posting as a quoted code block then changing the quoted segment to an actual code block. Obviously not a good method but it happens.

    And that brings us to the next question...

    Replace [&amp;lt;] with <
    Replace [&amp;gt;] with >
    I think you now see where we are going with this.

    Yes, Bill should have checked his code. Of course it is too late now and will be an impediment to all the new Users in the future.

    The Forum Search is not able to find [&amp;lt;] since it only uses the [&amp] as a search parameter. Very bad. Well we just have to work with it the best we can.

    For this reason we need to have a longer period before our code becomes locked. Believe me I have tried to get this changed in the past but I was shot down by those that didn't understand the benefits.

    Once the code is locked it is an Administrator's responsibility. I'm just saying...

    At any rate I added a post to Bill's post concerning this problem so that future Users will easily comprehend what is going on with the code errors; that is, if the User takes the time to read the addendum post.
    Last edited by Jim Fritts; 5 Jan 2020, 01:49 PM.


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      Try replacing all the &amp;amp; with &
      Making the line of code look like -
      ctx.lState( 0 ) =




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        Thank you Jim and Dale
        One question how did these errors arises when the author of this program encounter no error in compiling them?

        do they have a different PB compiler?


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          Posting outside a code block, or early forum software .
          & < and >
          have special meaning in html, so the software converts them. Then they appear "normal" again in a browser,

          (((somebody likes having the answer when someone else gives it to them to go and edit an almost empty post)))


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            That's ok Dale. Yes, I was talking about you too. Ha Ha
            Refresh is built into the Browser. You should try it sometimes.

            I figured I didn't have to mention your name.

            Still editing my original post...
            "Remember when?"


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              No, and refresh has nothing to do with it.


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                So you say. Ha ha

                Refresh can be your friend. I'm just saying. But that means you would have to stay on the same page longer. Too bad.


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                  I posted the code using code using the code wrap tags, so there must be a bug in the forum software. If you like PM me and I can zip and email it to you.


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                    Inquiring minds want to know... How did you copy the code before posting? Did you use Copy as BBCode from the IDE which creates HTML? I realize you updated the code at least once. Like I say this happens occasionally so it would be nice to pin down the culprit method.

                    For me remembering what transpired 4 days ago may be problematic. Obviously those that think it is an Old Forum / New Forum issue are just deep sea fishing. Ha ha


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                      Hi Jim ,
                      copy and paste no HTML or BBCode, I might add that it took a few tries, the browser would lock up (tried both IE and Chrome), seems this particular forum software has issues.



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                        I might add that it took a few tries
                        For long posts it will appear that the browser is having a problem(Unresponsive or possibly "Error Will Robinson"). "Remember anything good takes time." It could have been a simple problem of losing an internet connection for a fraction of a second. Any chance of that? Happens to me periodically especially when my router renews IPs.

                        Thank goodness Dialup is mostly gone... That was a nightmare!
                        Last edited by Jim Fritts; 5 Jan 2020, 04:55 PM.


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                          I am new to the PowerBasic forum. I am not new to posting code, can't recall ever having an issue like this. The code is 1400 plus lines of code might be the issue as a guess. FWIW tried posting the code again the browser locks up. No problem posting responses.



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                            Thank you for trying. I just reposted your code with no problems. It took 2 seconds. Likely your browser needs a reset to defaults. Just guessing.


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                              what browser are you using ?

                              This is a fresh install of Win 7 with Chrome.


                              I just tried posting additional stuff and it locks up. This point I am giving up.


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                                From my place, this forum is often pretty slow,
                                I don't think that it locked up,
                                you only have to wait for an eternity and it will "unfreeze".

                                With 1400 lines, posting a zip could be an option.

                                There is a "Test" forum for trying things...


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                                  Thanks Pierre ,

                                  I just tried in the test forms , it just locks up. Waited 5 minutes and if I close the tab and go back it ask to restore or discard.


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                                    Yep, five minutes is quite long...
                                    By curiosity, what if you leave it in its own browser tab for much longer while you do something else?


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                                      Pierre ,

                                      I can post it parts , currently there is a tab with entire code posting waiting for a response as you suggested.


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                                        It went through after a long period, so strange.

                                        Thanks everyone.