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  • Question on PwrDev

    Hi all,

    In a 2016 post Edwin Knoppert published a link to download his tool PwrDev:
    But I don't manage to load that page (Server not found ...).

    Does some one know why - or have an alternative source for PwrDev V3?

    Thank, Gert
    Gert Voland

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    is this it?
    The world is strange and wonderful.*
    I reserve the right to be horrifically wrong.
    Please maintain a safe following distance.
    *wonderful sold separately.


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      Originally posted by Kurt Kuzba View Post
      A phishing site? Danger, Will Robinson!

      Lots of misleading "Download" buttons and when you finally get the right one:

      "To download PwrDev - Developer, please enter your email and we will send you the link when it becomes available

      I'd question whether it would ever "become available".


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        So I used one of my throwaway email addresses on that site.
        Just received this from them:
        Thank you for using Software Informer.

        The download link for the requested software cannot be found. We will update our database soon and let you know when PwrDev - Developer is available for download.
        Please[confirm - tracking URL deleted] your request to get the [download link - tracking URL deleted] as soon as possible.

        Best Regards,
        Software Informer Team!doctype>
        Two tracking URL hyperlinks in the email
        I'll monitor the address for a little while to see how much spam it generates


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          Thanks for looking into this.

          I had also found that site - but when you go to their (enormous) list of downloadable programs, PwrDev is not mentioned.
          A click on another entry from that list leads to an instant download which I tried in a sandbox.

          Unfortunately, at the moment that doesn't seem to be a reliable source. It rather looks to me as if they just don't have the program.

          Some info on the background to my question:
          I have a license of PwrDev 2 from 2007. A great tool that worked with PBCC V3 and its SDK features.

          The good news is, that the .exe files generated in 2007 still run under Win 10 today!
          I can also install the PwrDev code I got from Edwin Knoppert in 2007.
          Now I can even load old projects and inspect settings and source code modules.

          What does not work is the link to the PBCC compiler V6.04 - running now for several years.
          The linking was done by PwrDev automatically - as far as I remember - probably by evaluating registry entries.

          Does some one know if (and how) PBCC V6 can be used with the (older) PwrDev V2?

          Gert Voland


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            Edwin is still around. His last activity according t his profile was 24 Jan 2020

            You could try sending him a PM.



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              Here it is,
              PowerDev for PowerBASIC freeware by Edwin Knoppert

              Attached Files


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                Salut Pierre,

                Phantastic - thanks for posting this.

                It is PwrDev and I installed it on Win 10, V1909.
                Even my old licence file is recognized although a PWRDEV.LIC is provided in your post.
                Setting a template in Extras | Options | Compiler does the trick for linking to the compiler:
                - Compiler to ..\PBCC60\bin\PBCC.EXE,
                - Editor to ..\PBCC60\bin\CCEDIT.EXE,
                - Includefolders to ..\PBCC60\WinAPI.

                Now existing .pd2 projects can be loaded and compiled!

                Really great - thank you again.

                Gert Voland


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                  Gert and Pierre

                  Thanks so much for the zip file
                  What does these PwrDev tools do? I'm just curious


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                    Cool! Thanks!


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                      Well, I might have been a bit too over-enthusiastic at the beginning.

                      The freeware version V2.0.6.0 of PwrDev does install on Win 10 and starts to compile.
                      But then it turns out that the WinApis as supplied with PBCC6 (and PBWin 10?) are in conflict with the generated include files.
                      PwrDev places a after the

                      When going to the temp directory which contains all .bas and .inc files you can compile the VDMain.bas in the standard PB way.
                      After some testing that way I found the following work-around:
                      Rename the in the whole WinApi folder (e.g. to and reference that folder in PwrDev.
                      Then start your .pd2 project with F8. Now PBCC opens the VDMain.bas in the temp dir and can be compiled by Ctrl+E.

                      Since I do not know how to prevent the from being generated, it is a feasible and almost automatic way to compile.


                      Gert Voland


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                        @ Anne,

                        PwrDev lets you do designs with all these fancy controls, such as (Radio) Buttons, ListBoxes, File Dialogs etc.
                        The arrangement of the controls is done graphically and the code is then generated automatically.
                        Of course you have write the callback functions and algorithms as source code in so called Modules, next to Constants, Declares, Includes and Globals.

                        When compiling, all these parts are generated into .inc files referenced in the Main program VDMain.bas which gets compiled by PB.
                        One can use PBCC (SDK style only) and PBWin (also DDT style).
                        Actually, one does not have to know anything about WinApis and message pumps etc. - although it is very convenient if one does ...

                        Edwin Knoppert had done a great job in letting you do quite complicated arrangements. It is a real pity that he didn't service it any longer.

                        Good luck and enjoy.

                        Gert Voland


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                          PwrDev workaround

                          After some more research it becomes clearer how to get PwrDev2 working:

                          The tool produces a number of .inc files next to a main program VDMain.bas. The files will be located in \users\...\AppData\Local\Temp\PDxxxx\. In this list we have a and a file. VDMain gets compiled automatically - or can be debugged from this list.

                          If we place the WinApi files in the PwrDev installation folder and reference it in Extra | Options | Compilers -> Includefolders, a conflict arises because a gets placed in the file list although a reference occurs already in the

                          The has the content copied from the WinApi in the installation folder, while on the other hand the content comes from \users\...\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Programs\PwdDev\! Without the extra in the file list the compilation works fine.

                          The workaround needs an empty file from the install folder, but a full from the VirtualStore folder. For that purpose we rename in the install folder to and leave the empty.

                          Now all references have to be changed to is the case in,,, and Thus, no references to occur anymore in the PwrDev WinApi folder. The in the VirtualStore folder stays in the original form, though.

                          Now the PwrDev projects can be compiled with F5 (or F8 for debugging).

                          Please let us know your experience if you also work with that tool.
                          Thanks, Gert

                          Gert Voland


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                            After setting PwrDev up on Win 10 and getting it to work with PBCC 6.04 in March I dug up an old project an gave it a bit of a workover.
                            It is a program that optimizes boolean two-level logic using the Quine-McCluskey and similar algorithms.
                            It is called QMC2 and I thought to share the version V1.5 of the project files of QMC2_V1.5.pd2 including the resulting .exe:

                            Gert Voland