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About Dialogic HMP test program

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  • David Clarke
    Wow! Thanks Peter!

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  • Peter Lameijn
    If you can find a cloud-based computersystem to run it on, I suppose it could.
    You can use all kind of voip/sip accounts to connect to remotely.
    Even to 'normal' digits-only telephonenumbers, but then you'll need a provider for that.
    (those calls aren't free so you have to pay per call to that provider)

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  • Anne Wilson
    Thanks so much Peter, any chance of making it as a cloud based VOIP phone?
    perhaps using VPN ?

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  • Peter Lameijn
    started a topic About Dialogic HMP test program

    About Dialogic HMP test program

    It's about the demo code in the source section:
    For those not familiar with Dialogic HMP a short explanation:

    It's an IP based software media platform for telephony (SIP/H323) and video and other media streams.
    It should be able te handle 2000 to 5000 extensions on a single server (although that seems a bit optimistic to me... )
    You should run the program on the same PC as where Dialogic HMP is installed.

    The demo program is setup so you can dial from an to any IP based phone connected to your network.
    Just fill in the phones ip address in the box (marked 'B') and it will be called (if reachable)
    After connect a Dialogic voiceprompt (.Vox file) will be played.
    If you press DTMF digits, those will also show in the Messages list.
    Caller ID (ANI) ewill also be shown.

    If you want to call in, dial the IP address (given after startup under 'A' in your messages list)
    Again you'll hear the voice prompt.
    The messages list gives all events that take place.

    It's a great platform for IP media development, which I use for emergency switchboards.
    (used to be analog and ISDN, but ISDN in Holland is obsolete and out of use after July 2020... )

    It wasn't easy to translate the original C headers, but it was worth it, works great!...

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