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When an existing file doesn't exist..

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  • When an existing file doesn't exist..

    While doing a file search looking for text in files, something weird happened - a small text (PB code) file locked up everything for 10-15 seconds when the OPEN.. code failed. Program stopped responding, etc. Error trap failed, FindNextFile found the file, IsFile confirmed the file existed and I could even see it in MS Explorer - but it could not be opened and not even MS "Properties" dialog wanted to deal with it - didn't show up!

    After many attempts to break it open, even using a hex editor, I gave up and tried to delete it. No luck (as usual when it comes to corrupt files), but when I saved another file with same name over it - that worked - and the broken file was replaced with a working one. Why that worked is a mystery in it self.

    I've dealt with corrupt files before, but this one was weird, to say the least. I've run chkdsk, but there's nothing wrong with the hard drive either, so now that file has gone down as one of those things that cost hours of work to find and fix without teaching me anything. Think it's time to go fishing instead...

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    Possibly a corrupt file name or permissions rather than a corrupt file?


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      Yeah, something along that line, because it didn't "behave" like ordinary corrupt files. Just to find out why my trusted old "file & find text" search routine suddenly stopped and caused the program to stop responding was a challenge in itself. And once I found out why, that's when the real work started, trying to fix the file. But now all works well again.